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Tribe wanted







Nella ricerca di qualcosa da fare questa estate mi sono imbattuto in questo curioso sito dal nome Tribe Wanted che promuove una specie di Lost. Testualmente “This is not a reality TV show it is real life. Only 5000 people from around the world will be united by one common theme, they will be members of a Tribe that will form, shape and actively develop an adventure island community. The tribal community will be made up of people of different ages, races, and languages. There will be teachers, architects, surfers, doctors, students and dreamers. The tribe will come together and the adventure will begin. The tribe will be formed on with the first 5000 who join. Tribe members will then be able to reserve their free stay of up to a month on Adventure Island in Fiji It is tribewanted’s aim to create a sustainable and ecological community on Adventure Island and to encourage tribe members to actively take part in this challenge..

La cosa fica è che il tutto si svolge su una bella isola delle Fiji, esotiche isole dall’altra parte del mondo casualmente vicino alla Nuova Zelanda…

mappa dell'isola







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